Cambrian's History

Cambrian Credit Union opened its doors to members on January 1, 1959 as Co-operators Credit Union, formed from an amalgamation of the Co-operators and Service Credit Unions. Cambrian as we know it today is comprised of a broad and diverse array of credit union mergers since then.

In 1986, Co-operators changed its name to Cambrian to more accurately reflect the strength and diversity of its membership resulting from the many mergers.

1959 – Co-operators Credit Union forms.

1960s – Merge with MCI, Ideal Brass and Manitoba Co-op Wholesale.

1970s – Mergers with Sherwilco, Continental Can, Moore Business Forms, Iron Workers, Winnipeg Housewives and Selkirk.

1977 – Merge in Winnipeg South, Ignatius, Brebeuf, Cornish, Winnipeg Municipal Hospital, Christie Brown and Strotco.

1979 – Building Products and Swift Canadian join Co-operators.

1980 – Weston Bakeries, Public Press, Manitoba Bridge & Engineering, Railwaymen’s, Unicity (CB of RT & GW), commercial Telegraphers, Starlink, Winnipeg Terminal, West End, Stovel-Advocate, Paper Products, Winnipeg General Hospital, Paulin Chambers, and Filipino join.

1981 – Selkirk Industrial (Manitoba Rolling Mills) merges in.

1982 – Italia (Holy Rosary) and Netherlands join.

1985 – ATMs launched.

1985 – Canadian Forces (St. John) and Eagles join Co-operators.

1986 – Name change to Cambrian Credit Union.

1988 - Heritage (Holy Cross) Norwood/St.Boniface Legion, Canada Packers, Foundry/Westeel, Kane Equipment, Campus, Shell , Holy Family, and Norwood – Winakwa, St.Eugene join Cambrian.

1989 – Launch of telephone banking.

1997 – Cambrian Online is launched.

1998 – Cambrian opens Achieva Financial – one of the first virtual credit unions in the country. Manitoba Teachers Credit Union merges with Cambrian.

2001 – Cambrian changes it logo to the current one we use today.

2009 – Cambrian celebrates 50 years!

2011 – Cambrian launches SMS and Web-based Mobile Banking.

2019 – Cambrian celebrates 60 years!