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Switch, Renew or Refinance


At Cambrian, we make switching, renewing or refinancing your mortgage simple.
And we offer low mortgage rates to everyone, every day.
That is what we call our hassle-free service.

Switch to save.

When you switch your mortgage to Cambrian, you get our low rate and we pay your transfer fees.
You can get approved up to 120 days before the transfer date to lock in our low mortgage rate.
So you can wait until maturity to transfer the mortgage to us, saving you penalty fees, knowing that your low rate is secured.

Switching your mortgage to Cambrian is easy with our quick 15-minute online mortgage application.


Renew early to save.

When it’s time to renew your mortgage, taking advantage of our early renewal option can save you thousands of dollars in interest.
You can choose to renew your Cambrian mortgage anytime within 120 days of your mortgage maturity date, penalty-free.
That means you can lock in your new mortgage rate when it feels right for you.

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Learn about switching, renewing or refinancing your mortgage.


Switching, Renewing or Refinancing

Your mortgage is maturing – now what?
Find out about switching to or renewing a Cambrian mortgage.


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Switch your mortgage to save money


Switching to Cambrian could save you thousands of dollars
Find out how.

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How do mortgage renewals work?


 Here are things to think about before renewing your mortgage.

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Need to make changes to your mortgage? 


Need more money or want to make changes to your mortgage?
Refinancing may be an option. 


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