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Personal Loans for Your Life’s Expenses

A personal loan or line of credit helps you pay for life’s bigger expenses – whether you are looking to buy a car, go on a vacation, renovate your home or whatever you need.

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Get a personal loan, line of credit or Mortgage-Secured Accessline with the added security of payment protection, to:

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Buy a Car, RV or Mobile Home

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Finance a Larger Purchase

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Finance a Renovation

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Pay for your Education

Loan FAQ

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Should I get a Personal Loan or a Line of Credit?

Whether a loan or line of credit is better for you depends on what you are using it for and how long it will take you to pay it in full.

Personal Loan

  • A personal loan is used to fund larger expenses that you will paying off over a longer period, such as buying a car or RV or a smaller renovation project
  • A personal loan typically has a much lower interest rate than a credit card. You could consolidate your outstanding debt into one easy loan payment to save thousands of dollars in interest costs
  • With a set payment schedule, a personal loan ensures that you pay off the debt as planned, which improves your credit score

Learn more about the PayOffLoan

Line of Credit

  • With a personal line of credit you have credit available when you need it, up to your authorized credit limit (similar to a credit card)
  • A line of credit has a much lower interest rate than a credit card and you only pay interest on the amount you use
  • You can transfer funds from your line of credit account to your chequing or savings account at any time, using Online Banking or Mobile Banking
  • You can use the value of your home to get a mortgage secured line of credit with a lower interest rate and a higher credit limit

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Answers to your Loan Questions


Find out How Much you can Save with a Consolidation Loan

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A Consolidation Loan is used to pay off outstanding debt that carries a higher interest rate, such as credit card balances. Here’s an example:

Meera had 3 credit cards with outstanding balances totaling $25,000.

Credit Card Interest Rate: 19.99%

Monthly Payments: 3 payments totaling $500

Debt to be paid off in: 9 years & 1 month

She paid off her credit cards in full with a $25,000 consolidation loan.

Loan Interest Rate: 7.74%

Loan Payment: 1 payment of $537

Debt will be paid off in: 6 years

Meera will save $20,780 dollars in interest costs and be debt free 3 years sooner!

Use our PayOff Debt Calculator to find out in minutes how you could save interest with a consolidation loan and be debt free quicker.


Enjoy Peace of Mind with Payment Protection


At Cambrian, you can add Payment Protection to your personal loan or line of credit to ensure that your payments continue or that your insured balance is paid off, as the case may be, should your financial situation suffer due to illness, disability or death. Adding this protection gives you peace of mind that you have removed this financial burden from you and your family.

Safeguard yourself with Credit Life, Disability & Critical Illness Payment Protection.

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