What is your Investing Style?

Advisor giving advice

When working with a member, it’s important for Cambrian advisors to understand the goals and risk tolerance of the person they are working with. This allows an advisor to develop a strategy and give recommendations that match up with the goals of the member. To gain insight into the investing style of a member, Cambrian advisors have them complete a questionnaire when meeting with them.

“When completing the questionnaire, I always ask people to answer it very truthfully,” says Leslie Hanson, Wealth and Retirement Advisor at Cambrian Credit Union. She also encourages people to take the time horizon into consideration. “For example, if you need the money in a year or less then I’ll recommend that it stays in something that’s basically guaranteed,” Hanson says. “If there is more time before the funds are needed, then you have the time to take a little more risk with the investment,” she says.

Your investing style will likely change as you go through life. “Sometimes if you’re a very aggressive investor you may want to scale back a bit and go more income-oriented when you need to draw out your funds,” Hanson says. With RESPs, Hanson encourages parents to pay attention and touch base with their advisor more frequently once their child reaches grade nine or ten, as they will be drawing on the funds soon and they may need to start securing the funds in the portfolio. However, Hanson says your style doesn’t necessarily have to change as you move through life. “I know seniors who are in a more growth-oriented strategy because they have the income to support their lifestyle and see it as a legacy for their family, and prefer to keep it fully invested,” Hanson says.

Whether you're just starting to save or are a seasoned investor, Cambrian can help you out with your investing goals. To meet with one of our advisors, call your local branch and ask for a referral.