The 'sleeping point' and other questions for new investors

Woman and dog sleeping
If you’re new to investing, you probably have many questions. There is so much information, so many options and many opinions that can make decisions overwhelming. At Cambrian we know that investing can be complicated, but our goal is to simplify the process and to match the right solution to meet your unique circumstances. Let us help navigate you through all the financial jargon and complex products to find the investment strategy that will work best for you.
Before you begin investing, here are some things you should think about:
  • What are your investment goals? Are they short term, long term, or both? Are you saving for retirement? A large purchase?
  • What is your tolerance for risk and volatility? We call this your “sleeping point” and at what point will your investments keep you from sleeping at night?
  • What is the source of your investment funds? Will you be making a lump sum investment, perhaps from an inheritance or gift, or will you be making regular contributions every payday?
  • How important is local or Canadian investing to you? How about investments in “socially responsible” companies?
By answering these few questions prior to a meeting with one of our investment specialists, we can help simplify which investments and solutions may be right for you.