The benefits of two-factor authentication: A case study

Cyber Security Button on Keyboard

Two-factor authentication helps protect your online accounts from hackers by adding an extra layer of security when logging on from an unrecognized device. Instead of only entering a password to log in, you’ll also enter a code which is sent via text message to your mobile phone or sent to an email address. This verification helps make sure that you, and only you, can access your account. For additional security, you have the option to enable two-factor authentication every time you log in, regardless of whether you have used the device in the past or not.

Recently, a Cambrian member discovered the benefits of two-factor authentication when it helped protect her account from being compromised. Tina (not her real name) had discovered that her computer at work may have been hacked, so she contacted Cambrian Support. The Online Member Services Representative she spoke with suggested that she set up two-factor authentication, as it would offer her greater protection in the event that her account information had been compromised. She did so, and then began receiving verification codes, even when she was not trying to access her account. A review of her account by Cambrian staff revealed that there had been many attempts to sign in to Tina’s account.

Because of two-factor authentication, Tina’s Cambrian account has remained safe. As an added security measure to shut down these fraudulent login attempts, Cambrian has set Tina up with a new account number.