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Summer Travel Tips

Family Vacation on a Beach

Summer is a popular time to travel. Follow these tips to be prepared for your next adventure:

If you’re leaving the country, check to make sure your passport is still valid

Before you go away, always check the expiry date on your passport. Keep in mind that while your passport may still be valid during your trip itself, most countries require your passport to remain valid for a certain period of time after you enter the country (often 3 or 6 months). Check your destination’s entry requirements well before your trip.

Purchase foreign currency

Are you planning a trip to the States this summer? Cambrian has your US currency needs covered, with US funds available at all of our branches. If you are visiting another country, Cambrian can order funds in, with delivery as soon as the next business day.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides protection in case of emergency hospital and medical expenses while travelling outside the province. Cambrian offers travel insurance through our insurance partner CUMIS. The application process is quick and easy, and insurance could include services such as the rental of a wheelchair or crutches, room and board costs for a travelling companion, and travel costs to bring a family member to the patient’s bedside.

Let Cambrian Credit Union know that you’ll be travelling

It’s important to let Cambrian know if you will be travelling, to ensure your ATM service remains uninterrupted on your vacation. If you’re visiting multiple countries, you will need to create a separate advisory for each country you’re visiting. If you’re flying and have any stopovers, list them in the advisory, as well.

To create an advisory, log into your Cambrian Online account, click “Account Services”, then click “Travel Advisory”. Fill out the form, and ensure you check mark which ATM cards you will be travelling with.

Protect yourself from the elements

The hot summer sun can feel great on your skin at first, but it’s important to protect yourself from sunburns and skin damage by packing and wearing sunscreen. While the sun is highest in the sky (between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.) you’re at the highest risk of a sunburn. Wear light, loose-fitting clothes that cover your skin to provide additional protection.

Depending on where you are travelling, bugs may be an issue. Be sure to pack bug spray, and After Bite. If you’re camping, you may also wish to consider citronella coils, candles or torches.


Whether you are travelling near or far, enjoy your time away, and remember that, if necessary, you can contact Cambrian toll-free anywhere in Canada at 1-888-695-8900, and outside of Canada, you can reach Cambrian by calling 204-925-2727 (long distances charges will apply).