Spring Cleaning can Save (or even Make!) you Money

Boxes of household items to give away

The weather is warming up, and for many people, it’s time for some Spring cleaning. Cleaning is always hard work, but it’s a great opportunity to save some money! Here are some ways you can save, or even make some money from your Spring cleaning.

Sell clothing you don’t need anymore

After going through your closet, did you discover a pile of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, or clothing that no longer fits your children? Try selling gently-used clothing to make some extra cash! There are several local buy and sell groups on Facebook, or you can try listing items on Kijiji. Not wanting to use the Internet to sell your clothing? Try taking your items to a consignment store.

Discover missing items

Did that can of beans you bought months ago go “missing” in the back of your cupboard? Regularly sorting through your cupboards allows you to rediscover items that have been shoved to the back, helping you save money on your next grocery bill. Do this every few months to ensure you are using items before they expire.  

Sell unwanted items at a garage sale

Late Spring and Summer is garage sale season, and many people spend the weekend driving around in search of bargains at neighbourhood garage sales. Here are some of the hot sellers at garage sales:

  • Old outdoor maintenance equipment like mowers or weed whackers
  • Power tools
  • Pots, pans, and dishes
  • Gently used furniture such as tables, and wooden chairs (do note that many people may be reluctant to purchase upholstered furniture due to the risk of bed bugs)
  • Children’s items such as toys, books, and change tables

Set these items aside, and when the time comes for your garage sale, put up some signage around your neighbourhood, and list your sale on Kijiji and local Facebook groups that promote garage sales.

So what should you do with the money you make from Spring cleaning? Put any money you make from selling your unwanted items towards paying off any debt you have, or use it to build your emergency fund or into your savings to make the best use of your “found” money.