Security steps to follow when selling used electronics

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With new smartphones and computers constantly hitting the market, you may be tempted to upgrade your current device. However, don’t just throw your old device in the junk drawer and forget about it – try to sell it for some extra cash! However, if you do choose to sell your used smartphone or computer, protect your personal information by taking steps to wipe your data off the device. Here are a few security steps to take before selling your old electronic device.

Back it up 

Make sure you back up your current data to the Cloud or to a hard drive. This includes your contacts, photos, music, and anything else you would not want to lose when you wipe your device. This will also allow you to easily restore your data on your new device.

Take the trash out 

Deleting your data by putting it in the device “recycle bin” doesn’t mean it’s permanently gone. Be sure to do a clean system reinstall on a computer, or restore the factory settings on your mobile phone to make sure all your data is actually removed.

Unsubscribe your current device 

Your account subscriptions, such as Netflix, store your personal information, which is linked to your device. You can de-authorize your subscription services from the device so that the potential new owner can’t use them.

Get it ready

Now that your device is wiped clean on the inside, make it sale-ready by cleaning it on the outside! Remove your SIM card from your mobile device, or check that there aren’t any old CDs or USB drives in your computer. Give your device a good clean with a soft, dry cloth to get grime and fingerprints off it. Take good photos with good lighting, and when listing the item, clearly note what accessories are included in the sale in order to maximize the amount of money you’ll get when selling it.