Protect Yourself from Door-to-Door Scams

Ringing a Doorbell

Door-to-door scams are a common tactic fraudsters use in order to try to con Canadians out of money. These scams can take several forms:

  • An individual posing as a representative from a charitable organization
  • Someone posing as a salesperson or maintenance person who is attempting to sell an appliance or service package
  • Someone trying to sell you on an investment opportunity

Door-to-door scammers use high pressure sales tactics to create a sense of need and urgency in the hopes that you will give them money or sign a contract without researching further. You can protect yourself by being cautious whenever a stranger knocks on your door. If someone claims to be a representative of a charity, ask for ID and take note of the name and organization they represent and request, in writing, a breakdown of how donations are used.

If someone comes to your door to sell a product or service, don’t sign a contract right away! A door-to-door scammer will pressure you to sign a contract right away, but close the door and do your research before committing to anything. Ask that they give you information about the opportunity in writing, and do your research before committing to buying a product or service. Check online; is the offer comparable to other similar products or services on the market? Do you need the product or service being offered? You may also wish to run the offer by a trusted family member or friend to get their input before signing any sort of contract.

Also keep in mind that you do not have to answer your door if you do not recognize the person outside or the company they’re claiming to represent. By choosing not to engage with a stranger at your door, you are protecting yourself from a potential scammer.