Monthly Market Insights: December 2016

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Key Takeaways:

Farewell to 2016.
This year was one for the books, beginning with a sharp sell-off in China that had ripple effects on all global markets. Next, the U.K. Brexit referendum in June ended with the “Leave” side winning 52% of the vote, and sending equity markets lower by 3-4% the next day. The markets recovered (and then some) leading up to the November U.S. presidential election battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton lost the Electoral College, conceding victory to Mr. Trump and the Republicans. All signs pointed to a steep market decline but instead, the day ended with gains. Since the election, markets have been on a tear, reaching multiple new all-time highs as the year drew to a close. Though markets ended on a high note, key events in 2017, namely general elections in Germany and France, the U.K.’s formal notice to exit the EU, and a new U.S. administration, will test the bull market resilience in 2017.

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