How can a Cambrian FSO help you?

Couple Meeting with Financial Advisor

As you go through the different stages in your life, you will likely need to meet with a Cambrian Financial Services Officer (FSO). Our FSOs are trained to assist our members in a variety of different ways, helping you build strong financial foundations to make your dreams come true.

“We help our members with many different things, including mortgage applications, credit requirements such as loans or credit cards, helping to plan for retirement or a child’s education, budgeting counseling, and referring you  to the appropriate person for your investment options and advice, whether you are just starting out or already have a portfolio,” says Janette Lantz, FSO at Cambrian. When you meet with an FSO, they won’t just be looking at your needs today; they’ll look at the entire picture to get a sense of what your long term goals are so we can recommend a product or strategy that will work best for you, not just now but in the future, as well.

Cambrian FSOs strive to get members in control of their own financial health. In addition to helping members with their credit, saving, and mortgage needs, they educate them so there is an understanding of what they should and shouldn’t be doing. “I’ll often help members build a GIC strategy, and explain the process so members are able to manage it themselves, going forward,” Lantz says.

When should I meet with an FSO?

Lantz recommends making an appointment with an FSO anytime you start having questions about your finances. For instance, if you find yourself looking at Cambrian’s Home Affordability Calculator, it’s time to book an appointment, Lantz says. “Even if you aren’t ready to buy just yet, we can look at your goals, and I can provide education on debt servicing, so you can figure out if a purchase is within your means,” she says. “The sooner I can get people in and on a right path, the better,” Lantz says.

To make an appointment with a Cambrian FSO, give your local branch a call.