Co-Signing a loan or mortgage: What you need to do

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Co-signers are sometimes required as a condition before a loan or mortgage application is approved. But what is a co-signer, and how does a co-signer apply at Cambrian?

What is a Co-signer?

If an applicant has a lower credit score, or does not have much credit history, frequently a co-signer will be required. Co-signers are effectively guaranteeing the loan, and stating that if the primary borrower cannot re-pay the debt, then they will do so. Before co-signing for someone, ensure you are ready to take on this responsibility if the borrower cannot make their payments.

When choosing a co-signer, ensure it is someone with a strong credit score and credit history. Your loan application may not be accepted if both of you have a weak credit history, despite applying with a co-signer.

How does a Co-Signer Apply at Cambrian?

If you submit an application and a co-signor is then required, the co-signor will be able to submit their application at a later date using your User ID. If you prefer, the co-signer can also apply in-person at any of our branches. Your co-signer will need to provide the following information:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • One piece of Primary Identification such as a Drivers’ license, passport or birth certificate
  • Current Contact Information
  • Your current home address including postal code
  • Your current daytime telephone number
  • Employment Information
  • The name of your current employer
  • The name of your previous employer if less than 3 years at current
  • Your current base monthly salary
  • Other income information
  • Asset Information
  • Approximate value of your major assets including real estate and vehicles
  • Existing RRSP and GIC term deposits
  • Chequing and Savings account balances
  • Other assets
  • Liability Information
  • Existing mortgage loan balances, payment information and maturity dates
  • Existing loan, line of credit and credit card balances and payment information
  • Existing rent, child support and other monthly payments


Co-signers can complete the application online via our website, or in-person at any of our branches.