CIRA Canadian Shield - free online protection for Cambrian members

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Cambrian Credit Union is recommending to our Members a new online security service: Canadian Shield, developed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, a member-based non-profit known for developing and implementing policies that support Canada’s internet community as well as managing Canada’s .CA domain.

How Canadian Shield can Protect You
Canadian Shield (link: can help protect you while you’re surfing the web by blocking malware and phishing attacks at the DNS (domain name system) level. When you set up Canadian Shield using your router, every device in your household is protected when connected to your home internet. You can also set up the service directly on your computer, phone, or tablet. 

Learn more about how it works by clicking here: 


  • Canadian Shield has the ability to quickly block more than 100,000 new threats a day using its integration with a global threat feed.
  • CIRA Canadian Shield is a Canadian product with Canadian data centres, meaning faster response times.
  • Your DNS traffic remains private and inside Canada.
  • Canadian Shield offers multi-device protection that works in conjunction to other security on your devices, giving you access to device and network-level protection.

Setup Instructions
Canadian Shield has a comprehensive guide instructing you on how to configure your router to setup Canadian Shield: