Cambrian Online Security Elements

The security of your information and financials are of the utmost importance to us. At Cambrian, we will always maintain the strongest encryption and have added several great security features to ensure your Online Banking experience is safe and secure.

Security Settings

Change your password and set up other enhanced security settings for CambrianOnline. 

Suspend ATM card

Log into Cambrian Online and suspend your ATM card immediately if it has been lost or stolen. 

Secure Messaging

It’s not email, but it is a messaging system. Unlike regular email, our Messaging Service provides a completely secure environment for communicating with Cambrian. You can be sure that your questions and account information – your entire conversation – is confidential and secure within our banking system. 

Email & Text Alerts

Help fight ATM fraud by signing up to receive email or text message notification when your ATM card is used. Email and text alerts are great for keeping track of activity on your account, or to notify you of certain things. With CambrianOnline, you can set up alerts to: 
Advise you that your monthly statement is ready for viewing. 

  • Advise you that your monthly statement is ready for viewing.
  • Notify you when a transaction is performed on any of your accounts.
  • Notify you when a transaction is performed using your Debit Card at ATMs or through Direct Payment.
  • Advise you if a future dated or recurring bill payment failed for some reason.
  • Advise you when you have a term maturing. 


Audit Trail

View an audit trail of all your CambrianOnline transactions.