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All Members of Cambrian

by Cambrian Credit Union | Nov 09, 2016
<br>A special meeting of Members of the Credit Union will be held at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, the 16th day of November, at the Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba for the purpose of considering the amendment of the By-Laws of the Credit Union.

It is proposed that the by-laws of the Credit Union will be amended by repealing the existing by-laws and enacting new ones. Apart from bringing the by-laws up to date and into compliance with changes to legislation and regulation, amendments for changes to the eligibility of former employees to seek election to the Board of Directors. Changes to the eligibility of members to vote at an Annual General Meeting of the Credit Union. Procedures in the event of a tie in a member vote for Directors. Changes to the process for termination a membership. Director eligibility to serve on a nominating committee for the election of Directors.  

The By-Laws to be approved will be by way of a vote of the majority of members eligible to vote at this meeting of the members. 

The proposed By-Law changes can be viewed at the registered office of the Credit Union located at 225 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.